Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vertigo Brewing

21420 NW Nicholas Ct. ~ D7
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Two of my favorite things came into play at this brewery: one I already knew topped my list of brewery favorites and that is warehouse breweries. I love when breweries are still small and therefore put their all into their brews and that shows at Vertigo Brewing. My newfound favorite is beer sampling. Jonah, my finance and I showed up at this warehouse brewery to sample for our wedding day beers. This is an important stage for us because well, to put it simply we love beer and want everyone to enjoy the beers we pick. Mike Haines, one of the brewers and owners, was awesome in helping us sample all these beers. We called ahead and he basically said to just come on over. We sampled all the beers and are now seriously debating getting all our wedding kegs through Vertigo Brewing, they were all delicious: my favorite being the Black Pearl Porter.

Other brews include:
Schwindel Alt
High Altitude Amber
T.B.D. Blonde Ale
High Dive Rye
Friar Mike's IPA
Friar Gone Wild (pumped version of the IPA, awesome!!!)
Apricot Cream Ale
Razz Wheat
Seasonal: Arctic Black Vanilla Porter

Although they don't have a pub, their website is very easy to use and has a list of bars that do offer their brews:

Talking to Mike while sampling he informed us that expanding is in the works. I sure hope so, I think every beer drinker would be able to find a favorite from Vertigo.


  1. Daniel here, webmaster of Vertigo Brewing' website. Just wanted to thank you for writing a post about our brewery. We look forward to providing you with some great brews for your special day!

    Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!

  2. Jonah is such a good finance.



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