Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Reluctant Fisherman + Fish On! IPA = Happy Jessyka

Living in Cordova Alaska has it's many charms, but the one BIG thing it lacks is an easy selection of awesome beer.  The three liquor stores usually stock the same flavors; Most of the bars have no need of interchangeable tap handles, or tap handles at all!  My saving grace this summer is Adam Pierson at The Reluctant Fisherman.
The Reluctant not only has the best view in town, but Adam has promised me a variety of rotating taps in the months to come. He's already made good on his promise. Hooray!  On my last two visits to the Reluctant, Fish On! IPA has been my drink.  Fish On! IPA is brewed by Sleeping Lady Brewing in Anchorage and reminds me a lot of IPAs from my hometown of Portland "Beervana" Oregon.  It's crisp, refreshing, and quite easy to use as a session beer. 
Stay tuned for more great beers, I hear there's a Midnight Sun Sockeye Red and a surprise Bridgeport beer just around the corner.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Calling all Portlanders to the Spring Beer & Wine Fest

There's only 2 more hours until the doors open to the 2nd day of the Spring Beer and Wine Fest at the Convention Center in Portland and the first 1000 get in free!  So grab your hat, put your shoes on in the car and get down there.  Once you're there, you do need to purchase a sampling glass and the usual "$1 a taste" tokens.  For more information on the pricing, check here.  

The beers I would put high on to-do list are: 
10 Barrel Brewing Co. India Session Ale
Burnside Brewing Co. Oatmeal Pale
Calapooia Brewing Co. Chili Beer (a long-time favorite)
El Dorado Brewing Co. Trailblazer Stout
MateVesa Brewing Co. Organic Yerba Mate IPA
Southern Oregon Brewing Co. Woodshed Red

Happy Brew Fest!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Leavenworth Ale Fest

 Leavenworth is a awesome little town, worth a visit even if there wasn't a brew-fest there this weekend.  In 1962 Leavenworth transformed itself into a mock Bavarian village, made more authentic by the surrounding mountains.  Is there a better place for an Ale-fest?  24 breweries will be attending, including small and large craft breweries.  Check out the website, they even have some tips for tasting!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beer in a Can - 21st Amendment Brewery

Do you live in one of these states?  Even if you don't you might find 21st Amendment canned craft-brewed beer in your grocer's fridge.  To find this outstanding beer you can go to the brewery's Can Vendor Locator, but all the places I've found this beer are not on the list (i.e. Market of Choice in Eugene, OR).
My first experiences with 21st Amendment were taster cups at multiple beer festivals in Oregon.  It definitely made an impression.
My first full pint of 21st Amendment was at their brewery in San Fransisco, a trip that pushed me to start this beer blog!
My first can of 21st Amendment was bought at the Fred Meyer on SE Hawthorne and SE Cesar Chavez (if it's in this FM, maybe it's at the one near your house).  We got a 6-pack of the Bitter American and it was awesome!
My first can of 21st Amendment in a restaurant was at the Spenard Roadhouse in Anchorage.  Happy St. Patty's Day, it went well with a glass of Knob Creek.

Let's pause a moment to talk about 21st Amendment using cans instead of bottles.  The brewery's reasoning is simple, cans keep beer fresher and they're better for the environment.  Living in Alaska, cans are awesome.  First off, they are easy to bike and hike with (light and easy to open, plus the empties can be crushed to take up little space).  Second, in Cordova, we don't recycle glass!  Before Jonah and I jumped on the ferry to Cordova last month we stopped in the Brown Jug in Anchorage and stocked up on Bitter American, Brew Free or Die, and Black in Black.  This is what our fridge looked like:

 Did I mention that I love love love the Bitter American?
Cheers 21st Amendment!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

Anyone heading to Indiana?

Yes! I love brewery guides.  It makes traveling easier knowing that there's a brewery around.  John Holl & Nate Schwebber share with readers favorite picks, stories about the brewery, and helpful stats: Contact Information, Brewer, Brew System, Production Size, Hours, Tours, Take-out Sizes, Food, Extras (i.e. Happy Hour), Special Considerations, and Parking Availability.  My favorite part was their inclusion of the brewery logos.  Check out their Facebook page and buy the book on Amazon.  I'm going to need to find an excuse to visit Indiana so I can test it out!


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