Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Reluctant Fisherman + Fish On! IPA = Happy Jessyka

Living in Cordova Alaska has it's many charms, but the one BIG thing it lacks is an easy selection of awesome beer.  The three liquor stores usually stock the same flavors; Most of the bars have no need of interchangeable tap handles, or tap handles at all!  My saving grace this summer is Adam Pierson at The Reluctant Fisherman.
The Reluctant not only has the best view in town, but Adam has promised me a variety of rotating taps in the months to come. He's already made good on his promise. Hooray!  On my last two visits to the Reluctant, Fish On! IPA has been my drink.  Fish On! IPA is brewed by Sleeping Lady Brewing in Anchorage and reminds me a lot of IPAs from my hometown of Portland "Beervana" Oregon.  It's crisp, refreshing, and quite easy to use as a session beer. 
Stay tuned for more great beers, I hear there's a Midnight Sun Sockeye Red and a surprise Bridgeport beer just around the corner.

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