Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dreams coming true!

Well at least a taste of my dream coming true. Went out to get some drinks in Cordova last night and ended up at a bar, the Reluctant Fisherman that hasn't quite reopened and is still doing some remodeling. After talking to the bar manager Adam for awhile we got to talking about beers, one of my favorite topics, and we discussed MY opinions on what he should fill in taps with! It was awesome, I got to look through the distributor catalogs and imagine the variety that would appease a wide group ranging from tourists to fisherman, skiers to locals. I can't wait to open my own bar!!!


  1. you are awesome. open a brewery near me!!

  2. You would have an awesome bar..... I agree with Shannon .. It should be close to us. But I have a feeling it will be in Alaska.



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