Monday, March 7, 2011

My Seattle Beer 2/7 of a Week

Heading up to Seattle Wednesday to spend two nights in the Emerald City. Let's take a look at my past brewery visits and scope out what I should hit this time.
Baron Brewing - if I head that way, have to make sure I call for an appointment!
Georgetown Beer - I've tasted the Manny's Pale Ale before, excellent session beer.
Pacific Rim Brewing Co - has closed, and reopened as Big Al Brewing.
Big Time Brewery - visited Thanksgiving 2009 with Jonah and Caleb Riley.  An excellent spot.
Elliott Bay Brewery Pub - The original, city-based Elliot Bay pub, which is has organic beer.
Elysian Brewing Co - With 3 locations, I visited the Tangle Town pub with Jonah, Caleb, Molly and David Wolf Thanksgiving 2009.  Maybe I will try to hit up the Pike Street location this time.
Hale's Ales - This brewery is housed in an awesome building, I got to see it with Jonah and Caleb for Thanksgiving 2009.
Maritime Pacific Brewing Co - We tried to find this brewery before but they were in the midst of a move, I would love to see their new place.
Naked City Brewery -  looks to have quite a few beers and a kick ass logo.
Pike Brewing Company - I have been wanting to visit this brewery for awhile, maybe this time I'll remember to bring my ID.
Pyramid Brewery -  the original location of this large craft brewery.

Are there any I missed?

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