Friday, December 23, 2011

Continuing on the Oregon Brew Crawl

Oh my god, it is taking me FOREVER to tell you about my trip to Oregon.  Hopefully I will finish before I visit Beertown again in February!  I could give you a hundred reasons why it’s been 22 days since I last posted, but nobody really cares about the reasons.  So, here I am!  I’m back.  Plus, I’m working on a surprise for all of you who have been putting up with my flakiness.
Anywho….  Amy and I left Southern Oregon Brewing with hopes to camp on the coast in Crescent City.  Yet again, our plans didn’t turn out the way we hoped.  We enjoyed our drive to the Northern California coastline via Highway 199, stopping at Kate's to use the bathroom, which is only for paying customers... 2 famous Kate's Bloody Marys please!  Probably one of the best Bloody Marys I have ever had (which reminds me, I need to add "invent my perfect Bloody Mary mix" to my bucket list.)  We were offered seats at the bar and conversation quickly sparked with the request to see my [Alaskan] driver license.  This is one of the best conversation starters ever, people always have questions about Alaska and what it's like to live there.  Have trouble getting to know people?  Totally get a fake I.D. or move to Alaska, we're pretty friendly up here.  Amy earned high marks when a fellow patron was super bummed Kate ran out of salsa, she bolted out to the truck and produced the container we had been living off for the last two days.  After our Bloody Marys, it was time to go, we needed to make it to Crescent City before dark to set up camp.

Swing and a miss...  this is the view of the sunset that welcomed us to Crescent City.  (And the best photo I got, too bad Jonah's not on the trip.)  We drove around the area, hungry and grumpy, and could only find closed campgrounds.  Finally came across a motor home campsite and drank our worries away with all the bombers and growlers we had been collecting.  The next morning our breakfast view made up for all the frustrations.

From Crescent City we made the long drive to Portland to drop me off. 
Next on the tour....
Breakside Brewery
Hopworks Bike Bar
Tugboat Brewing Company
Bailey's Taproom
Widmer Brewing Company

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  1. Great story! I always get a bunch of questions about Alaska when I tell people that you live there



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