Monday, November 8, 2010

Haines Brewing Company

Haines Brewing Company
PO Box 911
Southeast Alaska Fairgrounds/ Dalton City
Haines, Alaska 99827

On our way back south, after spending the summer in Alaska, Jonah and I occupied the time waiting for the ferry to leave by fruitfully journeying to Haines Brewing Co.  The directions we received seemed easy enough turn right onto Haines Highway, then turn left after the school, following the signs to the fairgrounds.  Haines is a small town so we decided to walk.  We followed the directions and found a "fake city," Dalton City, the grounds of the Southeastern Alaska State Fair and the old set for the 1989 movie White Fang.  I wasn't until closer inspection that we realized this movie set was also the location of the brewery. 
I was already hooked at that point, but the visit kept getting better.  Paul Wheeler, the brewer hung out with us for the entire hour and a half we were tasting beers.  He told us a range of stories from the origin of the beer names to his opinions of other breweries.  We realized our commonalities of a history with the Forest Service and love of Portland brews; Paul even encouraged us to start our own brewery, a dream of mine and Jonah's.
On top of all that, the beer was awesome!  We got to try the Dalton Trail Ale, DMMDI IPA, Eldred Rock Red, Lookout Stout, Spruce Tip Ale, Black Fang, and the Barley Wine.  If visiting I would definitely suggest trying them all, HBC has tall tasters for $1.25.  If you can't then try the Spruce Tip Ale, it's Paul's number one sellers and is quite unique.  Also try the Black Fang, a local favorite, this imperial stout should be high on your list.  Definitely fit in the DMMDI IPA too, on second thought if you're all the way in Haines Alaska, drink them all!  It's worth it.

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