Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy IPA Day!

One of my favorite holidays of the year, IPA day!  Makes me wonder, do they have celebratory days for other beer styles?  I'll have to put that on my research list.  Anywho.... it's still pretty early in the morning here in AK, so for now I'll just be dreaming of the different IPAs I would love to be drinking this evening.

What are your favorite IPAs?

What will you be drinking this evening?


  1. i've gotten hooked on black ipa's lately! gotta try my hand at making one.
    there's a particular one, Černa Raketa (black rocket) from the Matuška Brewery that's my go-to when i'm thirsty for one.
    one you might be able to find around there, from a Norwegian brewery, Nøgne, is Two Captains. i think i saw them in oregon. now that was a delicious Imp IPA.

  2. My votes would be for Total Domination and Tricerahops from Ninkasi, Stone (which you already got) and Hop Diggity from Port Townsend Brewing Co.

    None of which can we get in Cordova :)

  3. I went through Port Townsend last year and was SOOOOO disappointed that the brewery closes early, before I could get there.



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