Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rotating Taps at the Reluctant

Spontaneous Tuesday night out turned out well for me last night.  Ever since Adam Pierson, the bar manager of the Reluctant Fisherman, gave me a sneak peak at the "kegs on deck" I have been dreaming of the Boulevard Brewing Company's Unfiltered Wheat Beer.  The beer is light with a low hop profile and easy to drink. Very low in complexity, the wheat is definitely a good beer for the hot Missouri summers it was brewed in.  Although we don't get too many occasions for backyard beers up here in Alaska, it was great to have a session beer under the 5% alcohol line.  It could have kept us well-behaved if the Irish coffees were never ordered.... Oh well, thankfully Adam has a 1/2 barrel of the Unfiltered Wheat Beer, maybe we can behave next time.


  1. I've never had that before. I wonder if it comes to PDX.

  2. Check out the beer finder on Boulevard's website:



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