Monday, October 3, 2011

Amnesia Brewing Company

Amnesia Brewing Company
832 N Beech Street
Portland, OR 97227

As we got closer to the weekend, the wedding events began.   With the venue set up and the rehearsal dinner over, we headed over to North Portland to stay at Jonah's sister, Dana's apartment and meet up with friends who had come into town for the wedding.  As we drive closer to the apartment, I begin to get excited.  I’m realizing that Dana lives near N Mississippi that happens to be where (drum roll please) Amnesia Brewing Company is located.  ABC is a familiar brewery to me, habitually visited with friends when I lived in Portland.

It's a great place to be with mostly outdoor seating.  The seats that are inside are practically outdoors as well with the front of the building opening as garage doors.  The atmosphere is relaxed and beer-centric.  Even on a Friday night with all the picnic tables on the porch packed, the vibe was spirited but mellow.

I had the Desolation IPA, which is one of my favorites there.  All their beers are very appealing, they stay true to the English styles and have quite a line-up of IPAs.  Everyone else got the cream ale (Cream-of-the-Crop Ale?) that was a great compliment to the warm evening that followed a hot day.  We only lingered for one beer, needing to get some rest for the festivities of the next day, but were glad to experience a Friday night at Amnesia Brewing.

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