Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Conflux No. 2 White IPA

No matter the occasion for a trip to the big city of Anchorage, one must bring back beer!  I wasn't able to join Jonah on the last trip "over seas" (the little town we live in has no roads connecting it to the outside world, to reach Anchorage we must take a ferry or an airplane), but he did bring me back a beer I was dying to try since I researched it in May.

Photo by Jessyka Dart-Mclean

First of all, you have to feel special drinking this beer because it was and only ever will be brewed once.  It's a very dry beer and lived up to the description I read of it being a Belgian IPA.  The No. 2 had had the dry crispness of an IPA with the coriander and lemongrass flavoring of a Belgian.

What a great gift!  Thanks Jonah!

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