Friday, May 27, 2011

White IPA - Mixing it up!


My mailbox has been overflowing with the news of a collaboration between Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City and Deschutes Brewing Compnay from Bend OR; they are making a white IPA.  The two of them will each be making a batch and distributing them individually, it would be interesting to taste how they differ!  Boulevard and Deschutes are defining a white IPA as a combination of Belgium and IPA brewing techniques.  Research for this blog post led me to believe that this is the first time a white IPA is being produced.  Innovation!  I love it!

Innovation!  Of course all this talk led me to think about black IPAsBlack IPAs seem to be a trend that is holding on for the long haul.  This trend is another combination of styles: the hoppiness of IPAs and the roasted malt of porters.  Will white IPAs follow in their footsteps?  Any we in for yet another variety of delicious American IPAs?  What are your favorite black IPAs?

Haven't tried black IPAs yet?  Here's a few to start with.



  1. Yes I would love to have one of each brewerys rendition of that white ipa.

    As for black ipa, i haven't been a big fan. i like ipa's to be just that; hoppy. For something thats already fairly ridiculous (super hopped ipa's, im looking at you), it's just too much to try and mix in a darker taste. that said, i will continue to try the weird combo's.

    I heard coalition brewing had a guest brewer from upright brewing make a peanut butter chocolate stout or something like that. i wish i could have tried it.

  2. That sounds really cool! I would love to do a taste test to see how they differ!



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