Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Craft Beer in a Can: Good News For Alaskans?

In my opinion, it's good news for everyone; just because now there's another way to enjoy craft beers.  My reasons for loving the new can trend are:
  1. Easier to Recycle.
  2. They just look cool.
  3. It's getting more breweries into "bottling."
Very simple.

Now, I'm going to walk down to the liquor store to ask the owner to stock these Alaskan beers in cans:
  • Sunken Island IPA ~ Kenai River Brewing Company
  • Skilak Scottish Ale ~ Kenai River Brewing Company
  • Sockeye Red IPA ~ Midnight Sun Brewing Company
  • Urban Wilderness Pale Ale ~ Sleeping Lady Brewing Company
Wish me luck!
    For more information about craft beer in a can, go to

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    1. Good luck! And I love the new brew fest sidebar!



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