Monday, May 23, 2011

Seattle Part 3: Pub Crawl

The 3am phone call I made to Shannon on my journey down to Seattle to beg for a raincoat was in vain.  The weather instead was sunny and in the low 70s!  Quite a treat for a woman living in a rainforest on the coast in Alaska.  After we lunched, checked into a brewery, and dropped our parents at the train station, Shannon and I headed back to the hotel to get a little dolled up to start the crawl.  My sister used her nifty itouch to find a good happy hour at 1pm on a Tuesday with great success: Japonessa.  The sushi was great, the prices were excellent, and the waiter was a fabulous help choosing a local beer.  I had the Harmon Brewing Company's Puget Sound Porter; it was so great that I can't even remember the beer Shannon had!  The porter went well with the sushi, adding a dark taste to such a light meal.  Also, I noticed a slight similarity to a red ale which was very intriguing.   

Next stop was Elephant and Castle.  I love love love all things British and a British pub is no exception.  This pub was suggested when I asked Two Beers Brewing Co where to go to drink their beer; I had an Immersion Amber which was delicious!  I'm glad I made a quest out of finding this beer to taste.  Shannon had a Maritime Pacific Islander Pale Ale, another step in her journey to try hoppier beers.  

I really wished we could have stayed for another, but the crawl must continue!  It was a 2 block walk to our next destination The Taphouse Grill.  The restaurant is down a flight of stairs; your first view is all the wonderful beers they have on tap. For the first round, I choose 3 Skull's Blackbeard Dark Lager.  I love the complexity of dark lagers, robust yet light at the same time.  Shannon had the Georgetown Brewing Company's Chopper Red Ale.  Red ales are high on my style list; I love the magical combination of malt and hops.  Enjoying the easy access to so many Seattle beers, we stayed for a second round.  This time out waiter suggested the NW sampler and picked us out 4 more Seattle brews.  Sadly, our taste buds, at this point, are getting pretty worn out but I can say we thoroughly enjoyed Emerald City Dottie, Elysian Dragon's Tooth, Hale's Cream Ale, and Big Al's Villain IPA.
Next stop?  The hotel!  As fun as it was to get dolled up, my feet were killing me.  Back in my Keen boots, we walked east this time to The Hideout.  The place had great ambiance but we were hoping for food to go along with out brews and their kitchen had closed.  So we quickly finished our beers and headed to Capitol Hill.  The streets were filled with people and on a Tuesday night too!  Shannon had been to Bimbo's Cantina before and loved it, I too was impressed.  So we finished the pub crawl with giant burritos and a Manny's Pale Ale by Georgetown Brewing Co.

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  1. I got an IPA from somewhere local at the sushi place



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