Friday, May 20, 2011

The Pike Brewing Company

1415 First Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122
The hustle and bustle of Pike Place Market was obvious with the arrival of the first run of Copper River Salmon (daytime work plug!).  Living in a small town, this is what I miss: the fresh food, the diverse selection, and the fishmongers yelling at you to pick their fish because well, it's the best!  In the heart of all this stimulation is Pike Brewing Company.  My parents, Shannon, and I just stumbled across it's cozy, tucked away location.  It's lower than street level; look for directions to head downstairs by glowing Pike Brew signs. 

Before my parents, Kim and Bill, headed back to Portland (everyone had come up from there to visit me) we followed the signs and ordered some beers.  I have had Pike Brewing Company beers before, they are very available in Oregon and have excellent labeling that draws the eye, but Pike on draft is far superior.  Especially Shannon's choice of the Naughty Nelly: if you ever get a chance to do a compare or contrast, do it!

I ordered the Kilt Lifter Scottish Red Ale which I found wonderfully malty without being to thick.  My dad got the Pike Dry Wit, a white ale which steered him away from his usual wheat ale.  My mom got the Pike Pale Ale, which calls itself an amber ale but seemed to lie between the two styles.  I found myself grabbing for her beer more than once which calls for an excellent review!

The moral of this story is, if you like Pike Brewing Company's bottles and labels, make the trip to Pike Place Market in Seattle for the pub effect.  The place has ambiance, brew history posted all over the walls, and a variety of beers on tap.  And afterward you can wander the nosy market hoping not to get smacked by a flying fish.

Stay tuned to hear about the other Seattle brews I sampled while in town.

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  1. i love a good Kilt Lifter... the beer of course. :) haha I'm dumb.



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