Monday, June 20, 2011

Lagers: Regaining Respect of Craft Beer Lovers

There has been a prejudice against the watery lagers of macrobreweries since, well since there's been macrobreweries. The lagers of Budweiser, Coors, and Miller are made perfectly to deliver the same exact taste in every bottle and market to the masses; and they do a damn good job. Here's the but... What about the part of the beer market that drinks craft beers? Don't they deserve a crisp light beer that still has the complexity and innovation of craft beers? Not only do I think so, but also a widening number of microbreweries. recently polled their readers, asking 'What the Best Craft Lager?' Full Sail Session topped the list with 18% of the votes. Session brings me memories that are quite fitting with lagers, basking in the sun, enjoying a cold brew. Sadly I have only tried 4 on the list! I need to get to work! (Also, I was confused by the inclusion of Rogue's Dead Guy Ale; I have brewed Dead Guy even and did not use lagering techniques.)

A good place to start your experimentation with craft lagers would be your local bottle shop. I bet you find a winner or two among the selection. When you're ready to get serious, head out to Colorado in August for the Craft Lager Fest. From the pictures on the website, it looks like a fun time.

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