Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tippin' Back Cans - Kenai River's Skilak Scottish

It wasn't the Kenai River that I was watching while drinking the Kenai River Brewing Co's Skilak Scottish, but I think the Copper River will do.  On the first day of this long weekend, our friends Mary, Weston, and Alberto accompanied Jonah out to Childs Glacier to grill brats and drink BEERS IN A CAN!  Skilak Scottish Ale is much calmer than the other scottish ales I've experienced, which works well for me.  Scottish ales in general are much too thick and sweet for me; although this beer also has a sweetness, it does not overwhelm.  Skilak works well as a session beer, a perfect quality for a beer in a can.

I'm so happy to see yet another beer can choice in the cooler of our local liquor store.  The demand in town for a recyclable option is being met by a growing selection.

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