Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meet the Blogger

I write what I drink.
Sometimes it's reviews of breweries across the country; sometimes it's a commentary the way beer is produced, styled, and imbibed.

I started my brew-education during college in Eugene OR with the help of my hop-headed roommates Brandy Rodtsbrooks and Amy Gurzick.  Living in Eugene gave me access to Rogue Ales and Eugene City Brewery, plus a wide-range of craft beers from many of the eccentric bottle shops in town.  During my reign in Eugene, both Ninkasi Brewing and Oakshire Brewing opened, giving me a very joyous last few years in Track Town USA.

After my time in Eugene, I headed north to the big city, Beervana, Ptown, Beertown, Portlandia.  Portland has 37 breweries in the metro city-limits, more than any other city IN THE WORLD.  Needless to say, my time in Portland was a lot of fun.

Since my awakening to the wonder of craft breweries, I made a point to seek them out wherever I traveled.  However my beer travel writing really came to life when I met my husband Jonah.  Together we've explored Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and working on Alaska.  Alaska is where we're stationed now: Cordova AK to be exact. 

I have a lot of ideas for this site and I'm glad you'd like to come along for the journey.  Cheers!

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  1. I'm so happy you taught me to live beer! I live you & Jonah! :)



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